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Model iPhone X on After Effects and Element 3D

I made for my first product on my website a iPhone X that you can edit on After Effects and Element 3D.

I realized this iPhone exclusively on Element 3D and I created the different patterns on Illustrator, indeed, without Illustrator I can't modeled something on Element 3D.

So, as you understood you must have Element 3D in your After Effects, if not he cannot work.

Check the preview:

You need to know than in inside there’s an expression if you want to hide the shadow or turn the iPhone easily !

There are also 2 colors, white and black


Inside of the project there’s different compositions.

This is my first product that I sell on my website.. So if you see any problems on the project tell me and I will update this. You can contact me by mail at contact[at]graphartist.fr

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