Motion Designer & graphic designer

Motion Graphics Design

In January 2017, I started working for the international television channel i24NEWS as an Executive Motion Designer.
I started by working with the visual and graphic content requested by journalists, such as tweets, citations, articles, timelines and all other visual entities visible to the public.

A few months later, I got promoted to the position of Motion and Graphic Designer, where I became in charge of i24NEWS’s branding across all platforms. Since then, I have worked on and completed numerous projects and improvements for the channel.

In February 2020, I got promoted to the position of Project Manager, as I was in charge of a large project regarding the channel’s ticker through the creation of a system with an editable XML document through a web page easily accessed through the creation of users.

I recently proposed a new and innovative project for the channel- I created a web app so that journalists could send their graphic needs.